jasmine chan

Jasmine Chan is a biracial artist of Cambodian and Black descent. Her work explores the ideas surrounding intersectionality; from existing between two cultures, class struggles, gender identity, and mental health.


Jasmine demonstrates her art through photography both in film and digital mediums, constructs her own sets, and often models for herself to convey the messages within her photography. Her images often evoke feelings of confusion, demonstrating how she navigates the world as if constantly existing in the in-between.


She is currently majoring in Comparative Ethnic Studies and Photography, hoping to bridge the two worlds through initiating programs centered on highlighting young diverse voices within photography. Inspired by her own family’s immigrant story she hopes to empower youth to represent themselves through the lens of photography.


Jasmine has had her work shown in multiple galleries throughout California, been awarded a mini-grant for her darkroom, and has contributed to Inscape Magazine at Pasadena City College. She is currently working on a series highlighting the masked pain of miscarriages and another series further exploring the emotions of balancing her racial identity. More of her work can be seen online at byjasminechan.com.