jerry weems

My artwork is a reflection of childhood memory. Growing up in the deep south during the 60s was a time of change for African Americans; with the Civil Rights movement in full swing, while the Jim Crows law had a strangled hold on the progress of blacks.


African American history has been marred by pain and struggle that is not forgotten but ignored. For hundreds of years, African Americans have orally passed down stories so that future generations could know their history.


As an artist, I consider myself a visual storyteller. I illustrate the stories of people, places, and events that have had a significant impact on me, as well as other African Americans lives today. My paintings play homage to slaves sharecroppers, the condemned and countless of others whose lives were too often unappreciated during their time. I seek to glorify their existence by presenting them as strong, proud, and empowered while shedding light on their plight; showing their pain, struggle, and joy together.